Unearth the Power of Worship

No Sunday is ever ordinary. God is among us and moving in new ways, and His people are searching, hurting, hoping. When we bring Him our best, no matter the season whilst we grow and learn, we unearth an incredible force with in each worship encounter.

With a new confidence in His ability and refining of our own, we desire to see our worship experiences taken in to our every day with our leading extending from a place of overflow.

*Please note prices listed excludes travel costing.

Worship Leading Package

starting from $175*session
  • Learn with your team members in your teams environment
  • Strengthen your team’s understanding core structure & support
  • Develop your team’s unity in Sunday rehearsal space
  • Encourage your team to draw from the heart of worship
  • See results in your teams ability & confidence
  • Available for AM or PM services

Grow in your leadership.

Find Creative Direction

Point your team in the God direction by unpacking some creative tools to engage a heart of worship beyond Sundays. Find support to break down your challenges and work on where God is leading you as you revitalise your passion for worship.

Incorporate the Word

Using our lessons to teach you more about the way you can connect with God and his Word through worship in song.

Trained and Qualified

With 20 years of experience on the platform, learn from and serve with Susan Browning. She has a Bachelor of Music (Worship Arts) attained from Wesley Institute (2009).

Heart of Worship

Worship is a lifestyle which we unpack together and draw out new ways for you to build your relationship with God in your everyday.


Susan's heart for leading and facilitating worship is an inspiration. In everything she does, Susan's desire is to equip others to encounter God more fully and glorify Him more beautifully.- Michael McQueen
Susan Browning is an exemplary worship leader allowing her beautiful voice and inspired heart for God to lead congregations that are large or small to an authentic place of worship.- Kirryn Zerna
Straight from heaven. For over 5 years I churched with Susan and her worship and voice is truly angelic. Her voice so rich and soulful. Whether a contemporary song or old favorite it always delivered and lead us to a worship time out of this world. Her genuine care, contagious joy and love makes her worship time all the more real and special.- Annie Meyer
Susan's love for God and others is evident in the way she serves, encourages and supports those across her path. Susan is a gifted vocalist with many years experience in leading worship within multifarious settings and has a desire to impart her experience to others through mentoring and coaching. I cannot speak highly enough of her integrity and strength of character. Susan is truly a champion for the Kingdom. - Michael Thomas
Susan is committed, devoted and pours her heart and soul into what she does. She is incredibly inspiring and is gifted in enabling those around her to grow in the Lord and grow in their skills.- Michelle Ryan

Vocal Worskhop

Protect The Gift Entrusted

Why looking after your voice is so integral to the journey of leading people into the presence of God.

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Maintain Your Vocal Health

Some key ways to maintain vocal stamina so you can lead from the best vocal platform in every season.

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The Power of Overflow

Getting your heart and the focus of worship right so you lead from a place of healthy overflow in your ministry.

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Worship Him
Love His people