In the context of worship leading the voice plays a major role; find ways to refine and develop vocal technique to better equip you as a leader to your team and congregation.

As part of our journey in unpacking your voice, we look at how your spiritual formation plays into the freedom in which you sing.

Refine your vocal technique, develop self confidence and have fun whilst taking on new challenges with our 1:1 lessons.

If distance is an issue lessons online are available also.

1:1 Session Package

$751 hour session
  • Face to face 1:1 Personal Vocal Training
  • Have fun whilst finding your voice
  • Strengthen your core support
  • Develop your vocal technique
  • Build breath control & phrasing
  • See results in your confidence
  • Online Available – Requires a strong internet connection
  • 10 session commitment

Find Your Voice

Learning Layers

Unpack your potential with 1:1 lessons exploring your vocal ability while unlocking the layers of your potential.

Incorporate the Word

Using our lessons to teach you more about the way you can connect with God and his Word through worship in song.

Trained and Qualified

Susan Browning has a Bachelor of Music (Worship Arts) attained from Wesley Institute (2009) and is currently studying a Masters in Worship at 10,000 Fathers.

Acheive Personal Goals

Together we can set goals and achieve them as you learn new concepts and develop your vocal technique.


Susan is an amazing vocal coach. She is the best singing teacher I've had and has helped me 'find my voice'. She makes lessons fun, relevant and engaging. I've never loved singing as much as I do now, and she has equipped me with techniques and skills that I use all the time. If you want help to find your unique voice and grow in confidence and skill you just have to get lessons from Susan. I highly highly highly recommend her to you! She is a total legend!- Deb Stanley
I was able to reach vocal goals that I never imagined I was capable of. Susan's skills in coaching and mentoring, and in particular her passion for vocal health and technique, sparked my interest in the science around the human voice. This then led me down the path of completing a degree in Speech Pathology, including an Honours thesis in the area of Voice and Voice Disorders.- Loren A.
I would unreservedly recommend vocal coaching with Susan! She is extremely knowledgeable on the technical side, and not afraid to be honest when she needs to be. However she is also very patient, creating a safe space to grow in confidence. Susan really helped me to find my own voice, and take my singing to a new level.- Chris Gresh
Susan works hard to make sure your voice is the best it can be. She teaches you helpful warm ups, strategies to help improve your voice, pushes you to reach your goals and can detect habits that are stopping you from reaching your full potential. She will spend time to help you really understand the mechanics of your voice and in a very short amount of time you are guaranteed to see results.- Rachelle Baker
As someone with a lot of singing experience, and having been a singing teacher myself, I have to admit I was a little apprehensive beginning vocal coaching again. However I quickly discovered that Susan's knowledge of the voice is incredible, and she really helped me to polish my technique. What's more, as a worship leader, she understands my goals as a vocalist and tailors our sessions to them.- Jen Gresh

and Vocal Worskhop

Protect The Gift Entrusted

Why looking after your voice is so integral to the journey of leading people into the presence of God.

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Maintain Your Vocal Health

Some key ways to maintain vocal stamina so you can lead from the best vocal platform in every season.

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The Power of Overflow

Getting your heart and the focus of worship right so you lead from a place of healthy overflow in your ministry.

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Once they find their voice,
a new confidence will arise