Train team members in their local context and encourage them to rise into their own leadership style.


Mentoring sessions available for worship leaders, 1:1 training & coaching.


Refine your vocal technique, develop self confidence and take on new challenges.



Worship and Vocal Worskhops

Protect The Gift Entrusted

Why looking after your voice is so integral to the journey of leading people into the presence of God.

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Maintain Your Vocal Health

Some key ways to maintain vocal stamina so you can lead from the best vocal platform in every season.

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The Power of Overflow

Getting your heart and the focus of worship right so you lead from a place of healthy overflow in your ministry.

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Worship isn’t just a Sunday thing…

It is in our day to day overflow where God is doing His greatest work. He is ready to do a great thing in and through you. My desire is to see his Bride be beautiful, accessible and approachable.

My heart is to see you flourish in the gifts you have been entrusted with by coming alongside and drawing out the true talent and gifting in you. The Church should be a place of restoration, of hope through worship and above all else a place we can call home.

I have the great honour to do life with teams and emerging worship leaders and it is my delight to see you celebrate His greatness together freely.

Whether it’s singing for fun or refining your technique. singing is a great opportunity to develop self confidence, connect with God in worship and find joy whilst taking on new challenges.

With my expertise and passion on how to protect, maintain and grow the voice as you lead people in worship, I’d love to encourage you in your journey no matter the age or stage of your vocal development.

   – Susan Browning


She is a gifted team leader who has an ability to draw out both passion and excellence from the teams she works with. She demonstrates experience in leading teams through events and is a respected and valued team member.- Kirryn Zerna
I had vocal coaching with Susan for about 8 years. I would highly recommend Susan, not only because she helped me develop my singing technique to a high level but I don’t think I would have been able to get through the stress of music HSC without her. Under her coaching I was accepted into Newtown Performing Arts High School and finished with a Band 6 in Music.- Rachelle Baker
Susan is marvelous, graceful and crazily good at what she does! I have known Susan for almost 6 years now and within that time I have seen her worship lead, facilitate creative events, vocal coach and mentor (both me personally and also many others). She radiates love and grace.- Abi Skelly
Susan understands the heart of worship, Jesus....and takes you there every time. Reflecting Him, worship in adoration. So grateful for the time I had growing, praising and churching under Susan's leadership- Annie Meyer
Susan combines experience and expertise. She really cares about every client and sees you as not just a student but wants to help you be the best person you can be. - Amber Baker
Learning to sing with Susan was an invigorating and rewarding experience. Through her guidance, patience and knowledge of the voice and vocal structures I learnt from a scientific and creative perspective how to use my voice in a healthy but powerful way. - Loren Rastos


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